ZADO – Leather bed tie set (black)


ZADO – Leather bed tie set (black) od výrobce s mnohaletou tradicí ZADO – zboží můžete právě teď pořídit za super cenu. Nákupem tohoto produktu rozhodně ušetříte. Čas i peníze. ZADO – Leather bed tie set (black) – nyní nakoupíte za 2998 Kč.

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ZADO – Leather bed tie set (black) od této skvělé značky ZADO – zboží u nás pořídíte právě ted za skvělou cenu. Nakupte toto zboží za super cenu u nás online.

ZADO – leather tie-down set (black) Experience special moments, enjoy serving your lover or doing whatever you want with him! The set alone is enough for a satisfying tying up to the bed and lusting, all in durable genuine leather! The set includes: 2pcs ankle clamps with small metal carabiners (to tie legs) 2pcs wrist cuffs with small metal carabiners (for handcuffing hands) 1 long connecting strap, from which 4 other 4 straps branch off, ending in a metal ring Why is it good? high quality, high tensile strength, genuine leather material – durable, strong clamp size adjustable with metal buckle – unisex adjustable strap length with plastic buckles How to use: Pass the long tie down strap under the mattress/bed grid, parallel to it, then pull out 4 tie down straps so that they are above the mattress, as this is where the clamps are attached with carabiners. Attach the wrist and ankle straps and you’re ready to play! You can easily control how far your partner spreads his or her arms and legs by adjusting the length of the straps with a plastic buckle. Watch this: The straps are not removable! Only the clamps are made of real leather! Product specification, features: unisex product: for women and men durable, timeless, genuine leather material handcuffs adjustable in size with metal buckle wrist cuffs size adjustable from 21-28cm ankle cuffs size adjustable between 26-33cm width of cuffs: 5cm width of straps: 2,5cm middle strap length: 125cm adjustable length of side straps colour: black material: leather, metal strap material: polypropylene Cleaning suggestion: Wipe thoroughly with a mild soapy sponge in lukewarm water, then wipe with a lint-free dry cloth. Download instructions for use (PDF)


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  • EAN: 4024144177257
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ZADO - Leather bed tie set (black)
ZADO – Leather bed tie set (black)