XOXO Bono – rozpěrná vázací tyč (černo-červená)


XOXO Bono – rozpěrná vázací tyč (černo-červená) od kvalitní značky XOXO . Zboží nakoupíte u nás za příznivou cenu. Udělejte si radost nákupem tohoto produktu u nás online. XOXO Bono – rozpěrná vázací tyč (černo-červená) levně za cenu 478 Kč.

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XOXO Bono – rozpěrná vázací tyč (černo-červená) od naší známé značky XOXO je u nás k dispozici opravdu výhodně. Nakupujte bezpečně online.

XOXO Bono – spreader bar (black-red) Wild bondage sex experiences, charged with excitement and a maddening, arousing feeling of vulnerability! Why is it good? High quality material with nicely worked edges Ideal for both captivating fantasies and role-play Offers couples a variety of sexuality Suitable for both beginners and advanced BDSM players Offers a variety of tying options – hands, legs, front or back The harnesses have a key lock – you decide when to release your lover Easy to use fasteners on the straps Watch this: The bar size is fixed, not adjustable Fixed fixings are not fixed Fixed before and after each use TIP!: You can handcuff your partner’s hands or legs to restrict their movement, so they’re more at your mercy. Contents of the set: 1 solid fixation, connecting rod. 2pcs (1 pair) clamps Product specification, features: high quality faux leather material solid rod with two end attachment options high quality, meticulous workmanship locks with key opening on clamps adjustable clamp size with strap total length of clamps: 29,7cm width of clamps: 5,6cm bar length: 54cm (+ rings) bar diameter: 1,9cm diameter of hoops: 5,8cm weight: 275g colour: black, red, silver with metal parts material: polyurethane, metal Cleaning suggestion: Wash thoroughly with mild soapy lukewarm water, rinse and allow to dry. Recommended: use special cleaning agent (06302500000) – available separately. Download instructions for use (PDF)


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  • Značka: XOXO
  • Kategorie: 478,00
  • EAN: 8719497669318
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XOXO Bono - rozpěrná vázací tyč (černo-červená)
XOXO Bono – rozpěrná vázací tyč (černo-červená)