X-TENSION Mega 2 – lifelike penis sheath (20,3cm) – dark natural


X-TENSION Mega 2 – lifelike penis sheath (20,3cm) – dark natural od výrobce se skvělou pověstí Pipedream je momentálně ve výhodné akci. Vyhněte se frontám a nakupte jednoduše online. X-TENSION Mega 2 – lifelike penis sheath (20,3cm) – dark natural za výhodnou cenu 1238 Kč.

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X-TENSION Mega 2 – lifelike penis sheath (20,3cm) – dark natural od spolehlivé značky Pipedream lze pořídit u nás za skvělou cenu. Opět se můžete těšit na enormní výběr zboží za skvělé ceny.

X-TENSION Mega 2 – lifelike penis sheath (20,3cm) – natural Life-like penis sheath that painlessly increases the size of the penis! 66% more pronounced diameter and 5.1m longer penis! Why is it good? Real-feeling, perfectly lifelike material and shape Extremely soft and silky to the touch, reminiscent of real skin Very flexible – fits almost any size Realistic penis shape – shapely, firm glans and lifelike erection When placed on a rigid penis, it elongates and thickens the penis Lengthens by 5.1cm Thickens by 66% 100% waterproof – contains no electrical parts, completely waterproof, easy to clean Genuine Pipedream product Length can be cut to size with sharp scissors – you can cut to your own penis length Get this: clean thoroughly before and after each use use only water-based lubricant for lubrication When storing, make sure it does not come into contact with other products large size – deeper penetration, more fulfilling sex experience, for advanced users! always cut to size with the penis down inside the product! Use: Before putting on the cape, lightly lubricate your penis and get yourself in an aroused state, only then can you easily put it on your dick. You should also lubricate the outside of the cape to facilitate penetration. Don’t use too much lubricant on the inside to prevent it from slipping off! Product specification, features: lifelike, very flexible material velvety, soft to the touch realistic shape solid acorn and veined surface 5,1cm extension 66% thicker total length: 20,3cm penetration depth: 15,2cm diameter: 3,2cm (elastic) max. external diameter: 5cm (elastic) weight: 305g colour: dark natural material: TPE (EU compliant, phthalate-free) Cleaning suggestion: Wash thoroughly with mild soapy lukewarm water, rinse and allow to dry. Recommended: use special detergent (06305000000) – available separately. Download instructions for use (PDF)


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  • EAN: 4024144558964
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X-TENSION Mega 2 - lifelike penis sheath (20
X-TENSION Mega 2 – lifelike penis sheath (20,3cm) – dark natural