TENGA Rolling Gentle – manual masturbator


TENGA Rolling Gentle – manual masturbator zboží dodává TENGA je k sehnání u nás za skvělou cenu. Pořidťe si tento produkt bezpečně online na našem e-shopu. TENGA Rolling Gentle – manual masturbator výhodně ted u nás za 398 Kč.

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TENGA Rolling Gentle – manual masturbator od tohoto skvělého výrobce TENGA . Zboží máme momentálně za příznivou cenu. Nákupem u nás, ušetříte čas i peníze.

TENGA Rolling Gentle – manual masturbator Why is it good? Genuine TENGA, made in Japan – premium quality Super flexible – fits all penis sizes perfectly With a more sophisticated internal structure than previous models, providing more intense stimulation With innovative vacuum hole at the end – for a pleasant suction effect Squeeze cup (outer cup) – which you can press down on to regulate the tightness of the pleasure sleeve – recommended for stronger grips 100% waterproof as it contains no electrical parts Watch out for: The product is recommended for one-time use, but if you use it with a condom and take care of hygiene, you can experience pleasure several times. For lubrication, only water-based lubricant is recommended. When storing, make sure that it does not come into contact with other products Use only with a stiff male member! No motor included, manual product Compatible with Vacuum Gyro Roller von Tenga, but not part of the product, picture is for illustration only Usage: Once you’re in a state of arousal and have taken proper care to use the lubricator, you no longer have to do anything but surrender to the pleasure. Another special feature, besides the structured interior, is the squeezable outer frame (for strong hands). This allows you to control the tension – if you want it to be narrower all the way through, you can squeeze it with your whole palm, if you want it to be narrower in certain sections, you can squeeze it with your index and thumb. It’s very simple to use: remove the shrink wrap (perforated on the side), remove the sealing cap from the bottom of the stimulator – the rest is up to you… To release the vacuum opening, remove the sealing sticker and adjust the vacuum by covering the opening with your finger either completely or only partially. For use with the pampering rigid male member only! Product specification, features: premium, skin-friendly material super stretchy textured, stimulating internal structure (spiral) manual, suction effect size: 7,1 x 7,1 x 15cm narrow but very flexible opening material: PE, TPE (EU compliant, phthalate-free) TIP: Three types of the Premium product are available: Gentle (white): soft inside, very soft touch Regular (red): firmer, more stable internal structure, firmer feel Strong (black): harder internal structure, super intense stimulation Download instructions (PDF)


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  • Značka: TENGA
  • Kategorie: 398,00
  • EAN: 4024144250356
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TENGA Rolling Gentle - manual masturbator
TENGA Rolling Gentle – manual masturbator