Rene Rofe – necc cicaruha (S-L) – lime


Rene Rofe – necc cicaruha (S-L) – lime od této přední společnosti Rene Rofe . Zboží můžete mít právě ted za skvělou cenu. Zařaďte se ke spokojeným zákazníkům. Rene Rofe – necc cicaruha (S-L) – lime výhodně za skvělou cenu 529 Kč.

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Rene Rofe – necc cicaruha (S-L) – lime od kvalitního výrobce Rene Rofe – zboží můžete právě teď pořídit za super cenu. Pořiďte si tento produkt bezpečne a rychle online.

Rene Rofe – necc cicaruha (S-L) – lime Full-length, large-mesh, mesh-lined camisole that’s open at the crotch so you don’t have to take it off during the act! Why is it good? Eye-catching colours Very flexible, high quality fabric – fits several sizes Large mesh mesh – a naughty, full view of the naked body Closed leg with thin shoulder straps Cut-out at both the bust and bottom – can be worn during intercourse Get this: Hand wash only in mild detergent water Not ironable, not dryable Jewellery and other sharp objects can easily damage the fabric The thong and other accessories shown in the picture are not included Product specification, properties: Seamless, high quality material High-quality, high quality mesh material with a large mesh mesh that is completely transparent Closed leg section, thin shoulder straps Fully open at the bust Size: S-L (one size fits S, M and L) Colour: lime Material: 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex


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  • Značka: Rene Rofe
  • Kategorie: 529,00
  • EAN: 17036326684
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Rene Rofe - necc cicaruha (S-L) - lime
Rene Rofe – necc cicaruha (S-L) – lime