Ramrod Deluxe – pressure penis pump


Ramrod Deluxe – pressure penis pump od společnosti s dlouholetou tradicí Dream Toys – produkt u nás nakoupíte právě ted za skvělou cenu. Vyberte si z opravdu bohaté nabídky u nás. Ramrod Deluxe – pressure penis pump stojí ted u nás 848 Kč.

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Ramrod Deluxe – pressure penis pump od společnosti s výborným jménem Dream Toys je pro vás pro vás právě dnes v akci. Vybírejte z široké nabídky produktů za skvělé ceny.

Ramrod Deluxe – pressure penis pump Unleash your potential! Get an erection easily with the Ramrod Deluxe! With regular use, you can also increase the size of your penis. EXTRA: Gift with a lifelike fake pussy cuff and penis ring! Why is it good? The penis pump helps dilate blood vessels to achieve an erection With regular use, even penis growth can be achieved Easy to use pull-out pump cover – easy vacuuming and suction sex experience using just two fingers (with palm stabilising support) Drain valve for safe and quick vacuum release 100% waterproof – easy to clean, no electrical parts Interchangeable lifelike faux punch cuff – replace the plain black cuff with an inviting faux punch (included) Air pressure gauge – see exactly how much vacuum you have generated Transparent vacuum cylinder – you can see your swelling penis and measure it with the scale on the side Watch this: Only use water-based lubricant to lubricate the product Use only water-based lube to disinfect and clean thoroughly before and after each use. When storing, ensure that products do not come into contact with each other or other products Do not use the pump function until you feel pain How to use: Simply insert your penis into the vacuum cylinder by pulling it all the way up to the base of the penis, but keeping the testicles out of the cylinder. Then, using the pump handle, create a vacuum – this causes the blood to rush into the cavities of the penis and the penis immediately becomes stiff and feels bigger. With regular use, the length and diameter of the penis can be permanently increased. Max. 15 minutes of pump use is recommended. Always be very careful to avoid any sensation of pain, if you do experience any, stop the vacuum immediately with the drain valve. Contents of the package: 1 penis pump (with accessories) 1pc artificial pussy cuff (with accessories) 1pcs penis ring (with accessories) Product specification, features: powerful penis pump strong penis penis pen pull-out pump cover safe drain valve replaceable silicone cuff (artificial pussy) gift penis ring total cylinder length: 27,5cm inner diameter of cylinder: 6cm inner diameter of cuff: 1,4cm (very flexible) cuff outer diameter: 7,6cm height of pull-out pump (from vacuum valve to palm resting handle): 19,5cm length of the hose: 21,5cm inner diameter of penis ring: 1,8cm (very flexible) outer diameter of penis ring: 3,3cm colour: black-translucent (the artificial pussy is natural) material: ABS, TPE (EU regulation compliant, phthalate-free) Cleaning suggestion: Wash thoroughly with mild soapy lukewarm water, rinse and allow to dry. Recommended: use special detergent (06302500000) – available separately. Download instructions for use (PDF)


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Ramrod Deluxe - pressure penis pump
Ramrod Deluxe – pressure penis pump