Long, extra strong leather whip (black)


Long, extra strong leather whip (black) od výrobce s dlouholetou historií ZADO je k dostání levně a pohodlně online. Pořízením tohoto produktu určitě nebudete litovat. Long, extra strong leather whip (black) právě nyní za 1179 Kč.

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Long, extra strong leather whip (black) od skvělé značky ZADO je k dostání teď u nás za bezkonkurenční cenu. Jsme internetový obchodní dům s rozsáhlou nabídkou zboží za skvělé ceny.

It is a powerful expression of will, with which you can command authority and is worth more than words! Extra strong, extra wide whip, extremely durable, made of genuine leather fibres, with a distinctive stainless steel handle and a practical wrist strap. Why is it good? Made of soft leather fibres Strong, thick steel handle Sexy black colour Perfect length of fibres Specially designed for stronger discipline Hinge at the end for a secure grip Watch this: Before you start playing, be sure to agree on a rescue word that if the other person pronounces, the whipping and the game must stop immediately! This word can be anything, just make sure you both know that if it is spoken, Stop! Use the whip only as hard as it will not cause injury. Product specifications: Heavy, strong metal handle Strong, sturdy, heavy-duty fork Heavy-duty, heavy-duty hammer with a strong, strong hinge. Material: leather, steel Black colour with silver coloured handle Cleaning suggestion: Wash thoroughly with mild soapy lukewarm water, rinse and allow to dry. Recommended: use special detergent (06302500000) – available separately. Download instructions for use (PDF)


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  • Značka: ZADO
  • Kategorie: 1179,00
  • EAN: 4024144212118
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Long, extra strong leather whip (black)