Fat Boy Checker Box – Penis Sheath (19cm) – Milk White


Fat Boy Checker Box – Penis Sheath (19cm) – Milk White od výrobce Perfect Fit . Produkt je momentálně dostupný za skvělou cenu. Udělejte si radost nákupem tohoto produktu u nás online. Fat Boy Checker Box – Penis Sheath (19cm) – Milk White – nakoupíte u nás nyní za 1158 Kč.

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Fat Boy Checker Box – Penis Sheath (19cm) – Milk White od spolehlivého výrobce Perfect Fit lze pořídit u nás za skvělou cenu. Neváhejte, zboží nemusí být brzy skladem.

Fat Boy Checker Box – Penis Sheath (19cm) – Milk White The Fat Boy Checker Box – Checker Box Penis Cap (19cm) is the perfect choice for those who prefer a more passable, better fitting penis thickener. Why is it good? A new development from the proven Perfect Fit manufacturer! The tried and tested Fat Boy Sport Average Size Thick Penis Sleeve is made from an incredibly stretchy yet durable material Both the look and the design will please both partners during sex, stimulating from the inside out! It causes a noticeable increase in diameter (~2cm), which makes your partner feel your penis is really huge! Its internal length is 16cm, but its elasticity makes it a perfect choice for an average sized man. It’s very easy to put on and take off, and thanks to the fact that it has a separate slot for the testicles, it stays perfectly in place. It gives a very pleasant, gently squeezing sensation on the testicles, whether you use it for intercourse or masturbation. The Fat Boy penis sheath is also a divine masturbator, thanks to its soft material and the pleasure waves (ribs) it contains. Its material is a special Silaskin blend, a perfect mixture of silicone and TPR. Thanks to this elegance, it is incredibly flexible, stretchy and will be one of your most popular sex toys. Watch out for this: clean thoroughly before and after each use lubrication is recommended only water-based lubricant should be used for lubrication, other products may damage the material Remember: although our product is closed, it is not a contraceptive method Its material may be slightly porous after much use, so we recommend that you apply a neutral talcum powder after cleaning to protect it. TIP for use: Use a little water-based lubricant to slide the cape onto your penis. If you use a lot of lubricant, the cape will slip, so we recommend using less to make sure it lasts. Once you have the cape in place, lubricate the outer surface after which there’s nothing left to do but – after you’ve gotten the hang of it – make your lover happy with your huge love thong! Product specifications, features: Extra grooved surface design Soft, yet resistant material Grips the testicles Packing size 26 x 8 x 8 cm Gross weight 250 grams Product dimensions 19 x 6 x 6 cm Inner length of the product 16cm Net weight 160 grams Waterproof Phthalate-free Material SilaSkin (TPR/silicone) Cleaning suggestion: Wash thoroughly with mild soapy lukewarm water, rinse and rinse, then allow to dry. Recommended: use special cleaning agent (06302500000) – available separately. Download instructions for use (PDF)


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  • EAN: 851127008093
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Fat Boy Checker Box - Penis Sheath (19cm) - Milk White
Fat Boy Checker Box – Penis Sheath (19cm) – Milk White