Bathmate Hydromax9 – hydropump (blue)


Bathmate Hydromax9 – hydropump (blue) od kvalitního výrobce Bathmate lze zakoupit u nás za příznivou cenu. Pořiďte si tento produkt bezpečne a rychle online. Bathmate Hydromax9 – hydropump (blue) právě nyní za bezkonkurenční cenu 3038 Kč.

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Bathmate Hydromax9 – hydropump (blue) od společnosti s výborným jménem Bathmate je právě teď za super cenu. Kvalita zahrnuje celkovou trvanlivost a spolehlivost tohoto výrobku.

Bathmate Hydromax9 – Intense pleasure and up to 30-40% more size! Extraordinary pumping power up to 35% more intense than the original Bathmate model and even bigger pump size! Stylish Super Comfort Sleeve design for unprecedented, maximum comfort! Unique, extra powerful hydrotherapy penis pump that will increase your sexual performance and penis size quickly, spectacularly and painlessly! A penis pump that is up to 35% more powerful and intense than a traditional hydraulic penis pump. With regular use of the water pump (min. 6 weeks), a permanent increase in penis size can be achieved. The length of the manhood can be increased by up to 6cm, the diameter and the mass by up to 30-40%. Enjoy a hydraulic, watery, pampering massage in the shower or relaxing in the bath and enjoy the results. How to use: When using the product, wait until it fills with water, then place your penis in the cylinder and apply for about 15 minutes. The pump has a total length of 34cm, a depth of 26cm and a diameter of 5.6cm. Made of extremely durable plastic, Polycarbonate (PC), the cuff is a flexible, very pleasant, soft to the touch, special silicone derivative (TPE). Advantages: -extra comfortable design -soft, comfortable sealing part that softly hugs the penis and scrotum -removable, easy-to-clean vacuum cuff -Swivel Bellows feature, allows for full 360-degree rotation or inclined hold, so you can view the result from all sides and ensure the perfect pleasure pose -Super Flow locking mechanism, allowing easy one-handed use -New dual scale, giving you a better visual field of view and guidance to follow the result Features: -immediate visible results in as little as 15 minutes -unique hydro-technology -Constructed using high quality, durable materials -After 15 minutes of use -Finish in 15 minutes with ultra-fast results -lasting, permanent results -up to 6cm longer and 40% wider penis -Total length: 34cm, depth: 26cm, diameter: 5,6cm -transparent blue cylinder, black cuff Material: polycarbonate cylinder, soft soft cuff: TPE (EU compliant, phthalate free). Phthalate-free (Phthalate-free, TPE) Download instructions for use (PDF) Download instructions for use (PDF)


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  • Kategorie: 3038,00
  • EAN: 5060140209386
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Bathmate Hydromax9 - hydropump (blue)
Bathmate Hydromax9 – hydropump (blue)