Baci – decorated open thong (purple)


Baci – decorated open thong (purple) od známého dodavatele Baci lze pořídit u nás za příznivou cenu. Skvělý produkt s garancí kvality. Baci – decorated open thong (purple) momentálně k dispozici za 339 Kč.

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Baci – decorated open thong (purple) od společnosti s úžasnou pověstí Baci . Zboží můžete mít u nás za super cenu. Opět se můžete těšit na enormní výběr zboží za skvělé ceny.

Baci – decorated open thong (purple) A super sexy, spectacularly decorated open thong that will adorn your pubic area in an unparalleled way! Why is it good? Gorgeous thong decorated with a unique floral pattern Transparent material that covers almost nothing – it’s exciting how your skin shows through Fully open at the labia – can be worn during intercourse Does not cover the bottom at all Double strap at the waist – accentuates your lines Fabulous brooch below the navel Watch this: Hand wash in mild detergent only, do not iron or tumble dry Product specification, properties: thong with unique floral pattern translucent fabric with almost no covering fully open at the labia not covering the bottom at all a double strap at the waist to emphasise the lines with brooch below the navel colour: purple fabric: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex


Informace o produktu

  • Značka: Baci
  • Kategorie: 339,00
  • EAN: 4890808253557
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Baci - decorated open thong (purple)
Baci – decorated open thong (purple)